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Cloud computing provisioning over Passive Optical Networks

Cloud computing provisioning over Passive Optical Networks This paper presents a novel network architecture to provide cloud computing using Passive Optical Networks (PONs). It promotes a new application model of PON, especially for the design and development of next generation PONs. The attractive features include data-plane provisioning in addition to traditional transmission-pipe functionality, a new way to subsidize access network deployment investment, as well as high-speed fiber optic resource virtualization. We investigate this new architecture’s feasibility by studying PON processing, storage and interconnection capabilities. Based on the feasibility study, we further explore the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provisioning over PONs. The PON cloud performance is evaluated from two aspects: compute capability and storage capacity. Detailed analysis shows that cloud capability is determined by the PON configuration. Relevant parameters are ONU memory capacity, ONU CPU processing capability, OLT memory capacity, OLT CPU processing capability, PON port split, PON port density, OLT card density. Our result shows that PON cloud is an attractive value-added implementation of high-speed optic-fiber access systems.

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