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Haswell: A Family of IA 22 nm Processors

Haswell: A Family of IA 22 nm Processors We describe the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processor family (codenamed “Haswell”) implemented on Intel® 22 nm technology and intended to support form factors from desktops to fan-less Ultrabooks™. Performance enhancements include a 102 GB/sec L4 eDRAM cache, hardware support for transactional synchronization, and new FMA instructions that double FP operations per clock.Power improvements include Fully-Integrated Voltage Regulators ( ~ 50% battery life extension), new low-power states (95% standby power savings), optimized MCP I/O system (1.0-1.22 pJ/b), and improved DDR I/O circuits (40% active and 100x idle power savings). Other improvements include full-platform optimization via integrated display I/O interfaces.

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