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P-phase picker using virtual cloud-based Wireless Sensor Networks

P-phase picker using virtual cloud-based Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Networks, mainly regarded as numerous resource-limited nodes linked via low bandwidth, have been intensively deployed for active volcano monitoring during the few past years. This paper studies the problem of primary waves received by seismic wireless sensors suffering from limited bandwidth, processing capacity, battery life and memory. To address these challenges, a new P-phase picking approach where sensors are virtualized using cloud computing architecture followed by a novel in-network signal processing algorithm, is proposed. The two principal merits of this paper are the clear demonstration that the Cloud Computing model is a good fit with the dynamic computational requirements of volcano monitoring and the novel signal processing algorithm for accurate P-phases picking. The proposed new model has been evaluated on Mount Nyiragongo using Eucalyptus/Open Stack with Orchestra-Juju for Private Sensor Cloud then to some famous publicclouds such as Amozon EC2, ThingSpeak, SensorCloud and Pachube. The testing has been successful at 75%. The recommendation for future work would be to improve the effectiveness of virtual sensors by applying optimization techniques and other methods.

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