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PRISM: Fine-Grained Resource-Aware Scheduling for MapReduce

PRISM: Fine-Grained Resource-Aware Scheduling for MapReduce MapReduce has become a popular model for data-intensive computation in recent years. By breaking down each job into small map and reduce tasks and executing them in parallel across a large number of machines, MapReduce can significantly reduce the running time of data-intensive jobs. However, despite recent efforts toward designing resource-efficient MapReduce schedulers, existing solutions that focus on scheduling at the task-level still offer sub-optimal job performance. This is because tasks can have highly varying resource requirements during their lifetime, which makes it difficult for task-level schedulers to effectively utilize available resources to reduce job execution time. To address this limitation, we introduce PRISM, a fine-grained resource-aware MapReduce scheduler that divides tasks into phases, where each phase has a constant resource usage profile, and performs scheduling at the phase level. We first demonstrate the importance of phase-level scheduling by showing the resource usage variability within the lifetime of a task using a wide-range of MapReduce jobs. We then present a phase-level scheduling algorithm that improves execution parallelism and resource utilization without introducing stragglers. In a 10-node Hadoop cluster running standard benchmarks, PRISM offers high resource utilization and provides 1.3× improvement in job running time compared to the current Hadoop schedulers.

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