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Mininet Projects

Mininet Projects is a network emulator which is used to create virtual host network, links, switches and controllers. We provide Mininet thesis with highly flexible custom scale routing for software defined network. We developed more than 80+ thesis in Mininet for research, learning, testing, development, prototyping, debugging and other computed task supported by Mininet. We use Mininet to create realistic virtual cloud network in software defined network related academic projects. Mininet composed of command line interface and application program interface. We use this interface to interact among networks & share, deploy real hardware. We do Mininet thesis by SDN research scholars, developers  and learners.



Features of Mininet:

We implement following feature in Mininet thesis for PhD scholars are:

Advantages of Mininet Projects:

We proposed following advantages in Mininet from science direct papers are:

Disadvantages in Mininet:

We found some drawbacks in Mininet are:



Mininet commands:

$- used to denote we should typed at shell prompt.

#- Mentioned the root of shell prompt.

Mininet- starting commands in Mininet. Mininet command line interfaces are typed after this command.

Interaction command between host & switches:

  Initially we start with minimal topology & enter command line interface to link host & switches as:

$ Sudo mn.

After starting Mininet emulator we initialize minimal topology, a default topology in Mininet tool. Topology composed of open flow kernel & open flow reference controller. We perform connection process by following sens are:

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