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BTech Projects

BTech Projects in very useful for academic engineering students. Projects are implemented in latest tools and technologies. In B.Tech there are many kinds project. We render guidance so all kinds of projects among them some specified types are mention here.

To find the Discovery patterns in huge data sets is called Data mining. To filter the content from the web is called web mining. Web mining is a technique in data mining to automatically discover and extract information from Web documents and services.

Data mining / web mining / image mining / text mining we support our customers. Mathematical functions mainly occur in Image processing. Security, Pattern Analysis, Bio-informatics, Object character recognition, Machine Intelligence, Remote sensing, Information forensics, Signal processing are the major research fields in image processing.

All image processing concepts we provide support in following tools like MATLAB / SCILAB IMAGEJ OPENCV. Exchange of data simply called Networking.we provide various types of Networking simulation tools support for our students like NS2, NS3, OMNET++, OPNET, QualNet, Peer sim.

Virtualization is the main advantage of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is important research filed in today modern world. VM Consolidation and VM migration, memory allocation, Scheduling concepts we develop using CLOUDSIM / CLOUD ANALYST / JAVA.


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