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BE Project Topics

BE Project Topics in every year we update according to the current academic year research papers. All major domains we support for BE project topics like NETWORKING, IMAGE PROCESSING, DATA MINING, CLOUD COMPUTING, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, WEB SERVICES. Among various kinds of project subjects we provide assistance to all of its varieties, while some varieties of BE Project Topics are discuss below:

Network security is one of the major academic project filed.Network attacks is the important issue in the network security projects. We guide projects for all network security attacks like Deanonymization Attack, SEED-AND-GROW:

The attack, Localizing Jammers, sybil attack, Rejection Attack, Byzantine Attacks, misreporting attack, Sinkhole Attack, Black hole attack, Falsified Data Injection Attack, primary user emulation attacks, Cyber-Attacks, DDOS Attack, Worm hole attack, Singleton Attractors, Tracking User Attack, Selfish Insider Attacks, Falsified Data Injection Attack, malicious attack, Primary user emulation attacks.

DATA MINING is also one of the major academic project filed. Web mining, text mining, image mining are the sub divisions in the data mining area. We provide the project & thesis support for all mining techniques.

IMAGE PROCESSING have number of Research areas. Security, object detection, video processing, audio processing is the major divisions in image processing. Finger print used to security purpose. Bio-metric Techniques mainly involved in the finger print identification. FINGER PRINT IS PATTERNS, RIDGES AND FURROWS are the SURFACE OF FINGERTIP. Finger print projects mainly we develop using MATLAB / JAVA / OPEN CV to calculate the UNRECOVERABLE damage REGION, Good define region and RECOVERABLE damage REGION NORMALIZATION, finger ORIENTATION, finger ESTIMATION, REGION MASK GENERATION, FILTERING are the major steps in the finger print projects.

Cloud computing take the lead for BE project topics in computer science students. Cloud solution providers allocate the resource for their clients is called cloud provisioning. Cloud provisioning is the Key research area for students & research scholars.In research level we use cloudsim & cloud analyst for cloud provisioning.BE Project Topics.


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