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Projects For MTech

Projects For MTech comprises of huge types a complete assistance is render to all types, we deal here about some of its types.

Post graduate M.Tech students ask to do project compulsory. Their project duration normally 1 year. According to the university based this duration will change. They do their projects in PHASE 1 & PHASE 2. Both phase we provide the technical support.

Projects For MTech Phase 1 :

Phase 1 is the beginning stage of the project. They need to collect the data & prepare the literature survey. Corresponding tool selection is the important part of the students. Finally implement their concepts & get the result.

Projects For MTech Phase 2:

We propose one novel technique & compare the phase 1 existing work to compare the result. Our objective is to get the best result in PHASE 2. Normally we provide full support for our students.

In recent days some colleges asked their student need to publish the journal paper according to the phase 1 & phase 2 project details.

Projects for mtech

Projects for mtech

In past 4 years we provide the journal publication for students. We publish the papers in international journals and get the ISSN & ISBN number for the each projects. The paper publication support also including the projects support.

Projects For MTech is used to complete the academic master degree.




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