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Major Project Topics

Major Project Topics are supported by us, inspite of its huge varieties, some of its types are briefly mentioned here. All engineering domains we provide the support for students & Research scholars.

Major project topic

Major project topic


Text & query is the common mining process. In recent days most of the data mining process based on IMAGE MINING. Categorize, characterization & summarization, cluster, Decision Tree, Rule mining are the important stages of the IMAGE MINING. We update our data mining topics based on the reputed journals.

Image mining & Image processing both are different field. Image processing mainly focus the image properties. It include the brightness, noise removal, segmentation.

Key steps in image processing

Image restoration, Edge detection, Image enhancement, Image segmentation, Threshold, Filters, Image registration, Morphological processing.

We also update our major project topics based on cloud computing, image processing, web service, pervasive computing.

Major project topics

Major project topics


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