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Computer Science

Mtech projects in computer science have huge variety of divisions. More than 66+ computer science project domains available. Every domain have some specific properties. All of them have some individual functionalities.

MTECH PROJECTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE has various types and guidance is shed to all types we clearly discuss about some types of M TECH PROJECTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE this page

DATA MINING,NETWORKING,CLOUD COMPUTING , WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK,WEB SERVICES,IMAGE PROCESSING are some major mtech computer science projects area. In every domain have some divisions here we describe the divisions of some major domains for computer science.

Computer Science Technologies

Ns2 projects occupies the major role for networking field. Most the applications can be simulate using NS2. NETWORK SIMULATOR 2 is open source network simulation tool. It can be execute using windows & linux opertaing system. Mostly all user prefer linux environment for NS2 execution. Main reason is easy to install.If we choose windows os we need additional software for install the ns2. CYGWIN software required to install the windows os. All networking protocols and networking concepts can be solve using ns2.Most of the next work parameters results we can get using ns2.
Network simulator 3 is the next version of Network simulator 2. Wired and wireless applications can be possible using ns3. Linux Ubuntu operating system is best choice to work network simulator 3. Compare to network simulator 2 easy to program using ns3. Main reason c++ is enough to design the concepts. Ns2 required c++ / tcl / tk / otcl concepts to build the networking applications. But NS3 Required c++ alone. Here scripting language is not required to develop the projects. Its graphical mode tool.
Matlab is one of the major tool to simulate the Image processing applications. We support IMAGE PROCESSING / AUDIO PROCESSING / VIDEO PROCESSING / NETWORKING /BIO METRICS/ FUZZY LOGIC/ WIRELESS SENSOR / COMMUNICATION / SIGNAL PROCESSING etc...3d ,2d images also we can simulate using MATLAB. C++ is the major programming language for matlab tool. In image processing various images available like CT SCAN IMAGES / X-RAY IMAGES / MRI IMAGES ,All types of images can be possible using matlab.
Java is one of the enterprise technology is our computer field. Multiple dimension of applications possible to do using java program. Window , web ,smart device applications can be develop using java. More number of customized tools developed in java. OPEN SOURCE one of the major benefit in java. Desgin , Code write , Debugging , Compiling , Execution is easy to work in java program. We support all java ide's like JAVA NET BEANS / JAVA ECLIPISE / J CREATOR / J FRAME WORK ETC....
OMNET++ is simply called as objective modular network test bed. C++ is the major programming language. Some network simulation tools required scripting langauge to built the projects. In omnet++ all designs available inside the frame work so here no scripting language required to develop the concepts. In omnet++ there are number of tools required for every concepts. All most we work all tools. Here we mention the tools details CASTALIA / INET / MIXIM / 4GLTE / INETMANET / LTE / OS3 / SUMO / VEINS.
OPNET is one of the major network simualtion tool. Major adavantage of opent tool is easy to write the code. Beacuse design occupy the major role in this tool. Very minimum number of codes only required. Just drag & drop method is enough to build the applications. OPNET earlier versions we can access free. But recent versions of OPNET SIMULATOR is not a open source. All sub modules we need to buy. Full graphical interface network simulation tool.
Cloudsim used to simulate the cloud computing concepts. Using cloudsim we support Scheduling , job allocation , Load balancing , virtual machine migration concepts. Provisioning process and workload ,cost allocation ,quality of service & Data centers. Cloud Coordinator, Cloudlet scheduler, Cloudlet, load balancer, Ram Provided, Data Center, VM San storage are the major cloudsim tool components.
Qualnet is one of the major network simulation tool. Only one draw back its not a open source software. There are more number of models available inside the tool like Shadowing Model / Fading Model / Path loss model. In the same time it have number of library files,its helps to built our applications easily, Here we mention some of major library files like   Wired Network Library  / Radio Library / Developer Library /Propagation Library / Cellular Library / Wireless Library Military
WEKA tool mainly used to built the data mining algorithms. But recently weka tool available for the matlab alogrithms also. We provide both data mining & matlab concepts using weka tool. Major advantages of weka tool
  • Preprocess
  • Visualization
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Attribute selection
  • Association
  • Filters
Wornet is simply called dictionary. Synsets is the other name of wordnet. Reason behind set of verb / nouns / objective / are classify. Its is one of the major Data mining tool.Exactly in Data mining ,Text mining required this tool for its concepts. In Text mining Data clustering / classification / Grouping / preprocessing / steaming all stages we can use this tool. In our Data mining & Text mining students & Research scholars we provide the support.
Dot Net
Dot Net is an enterprise technology from Microsoft. As an enterprise technology dot net supports to develop applications for different devices. Using dot net we can develop applications for windows, web and smart devices. Dot net is a language independence technology which supports multiple languages including VB.Net, C#.Net, VC++.Net, J#.Net, JS.Net. Dot net provides support for coding in any of these languages and use it another language through its inter-operatablity feature.
HADOOP tool mainly establish to solve the big data applications.It can be using in windows & ubuntu opertaing systems. Java program mainly used to develop the Hadoop tool. Large volume of data easily handle using Hadoop. Apache strom , java ide used to build the hadoop applications. Huge size of data easily stored in the hadoop system. Simply called hadoop distributed file system(HDFS). Mapreduce is the major concept in hadoop.
SCILAB is one of the major tool to simulate the image procesing applications. Its simply look like matlab. Scilab have number of graphic library files like 2D plotting, polygon plotting, arrow plotting, line plotting is possible with graphic library functions, graphic library, graphic primitives, interactive editor mouse position, 3D plotting, arc plotting, rectangle plotting, coordinate transformations, graphics context.
OpenCV is simply called as open source computational vision. C++, C program mainly using the open cv tool. All image processing techniques we can solve using open cv tool. All major operating systems can be support in open cv tool like windows / mac / linux / mobile os etc... Frame conversion is major adavantage for open cv. Any kind of the video can be frame using open cv tool.

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