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IEEE 2015 Projects

IEEE 2015 Projects is mainly covers this academic year latest projects. IEEE 2015 PROJECTS comprises of huge types a complete assistance is render to all types, we deal here about some of its types.

Data mining based projects we provide in following fields like

Image processing is used to identify the human disease. To identify the kidney stone level we can use the image processing algorithms.

IEEE 2015 projects

IEEE 2015 projects

Image restoration, smoothing, sharp, contrast are major steps to identify the kidney stone level. We use MATLAB tool for identify the kidney stone. Scheduling is the main concept for cloud computing based project students.

We develop all kind of scheduling algorithms for our students, here we mention some of the algorithms FCFS, SJF, Round Robin, Priority based scheduling, Min-Min, Max-Min, Enhanced Max-min, SCFP9, LCFP, Standard Genetic algorithm, Modified Genetic algorithm, Dynamically optimized task scheduling, Compromised Time cost Scheduling algorithm, Honeybee algorithm, Improved cost based scheduling algorithm.

VANET (Vehicle Ad-hoc Networks) is MAJOR technology. Sumo, venis & omnet++ are the major tools to develop the vanet projects. In omnet++ we have some in built functions to solve the vanet projects. We find the Collisions, Idle listening, Overhead, Overhearing.


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