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MTech Projects In Networking

MTech Projects In Networking is a past graduate Engineering degree, which ensure a depth knowledge for various advanced application, computer evaluation and communication technology. We offer M.Tech projects for various domains such as mobile computing; cloud computing, telecommunication, data mining and image processing. We support M.Tech student with several trend domain for final year projects. We support M.Tech students to choose their projects either from IEEE (or) Real world applications. Using an IEEE paper we implement the future work as M.Tech projects. We provide various domains for M.Tech projects are described as follows.

MTech Projects In Networking WBAN:

In wireless communication, wireless body area network is a promising Technology. We implement wireless sensor network with various sensor device to measure and monitor patient health information, blood pressure, glucose level, heart beat range and Temperature. We use radio frequency communication in wireless data, voice and audio transfer applications. We can also deploy for remote control monitoring, industry oriented and home automatic security applications.

Mobile Sensor Navigation Systems:

We use wireless navigation system for Robotics, surveillance and wildlife monitoring system. We can communicate to central system by sensor devices and mobile tracking application required to locate the target nodes. It use semi defined programming technique to estimate the target location.

Vehicle Collision Avoidance System:

 Our main aim to implement VANET projects is to avoid anti collision prediction in high way road. We use neural network architecture and dynamic function based on fuzzy set to denote the road way vehicle flow. It provides transmission such as vehicle to road, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to information.

Artificial Intelligence:

Retrieving information as like human brain called artificial intelligent. Intelligence are demonstrated by a machine so, we can develop artificial intelligence projects with people, hardware, procedures, software and data knowledge. We integrate various domains and provided more than 80+ projects in every domain for MTech Projects In Networking students.

Goal of Artificial intelligence:

 We attain following goal in our project are:

Information Security System:

 Most students do projects in information security. We offer information security for cloud, data mining, computer, database and computing environments to preserve information. Multi level security such as physical, personal operation, network and communication security are ensured by us to the organizations.

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