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Projects For CSE Networking

Projects For CSE Networking include all network domains. Network is the process of linking two or more computing device together for purpose of sharing data. We built network by the combination of computer hardware and software. We provide network topology with network communications. We offer projects on networking for final year students. We deal with computer science as a study of computer, network and communication. We ensure projects for CSE to study processing, communication, structure, feasibility; data base management, and object programming. We offer various domain and technology based computer science project for all final year students.



Network devices:

We listed the network devices are:

Network topology:

We categories network topology by following types are:

Physical topology:

It emphasize hardware with system include remote terminals, server, workstation. It defines how systems periodically connected.

We classify physical topology into 8 types are:

Bus: transmit message by cable.

Ring: In this, all node or device connected with each other in a circle.

Tree: Network are widely spread and divided into several branches.

Daisy chain: All devices are connected like chain or ring.

Star: Each device or network node connected by central hub.

Point to point: ensure direct connection among devices and permanent network communication among end points.

Hybrid: A network topology composed of various connections among networks.

Mesh: Every device is interconnected and permits distribution transmission.



Logical topology:

We implement various topologies in our projects based on IEEE papers. Logical topology is representation of data flow among nodes. It describes how they communicate with one another. We classify logical topology as two types they are:

Token based topology:

We use token which travel around network to access physical media.

Shared media topology:

Ensure unrestricted access to physical media in network.

WSN Features:

We adopt the following features of WSN and we developed more than 100 projects in WSN network.

Features are given as:

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