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MTech Thesis In Data Mining

MTech Thesis In Data Mining can do by all post graduate final year students. We offer M.Tech thesis with efficient solving problem approach than under graduate projects. We support M.Tech students to analyze various issues in computing environment, network, security and mining applications. M.Tech students submit their thesis based on issues previous algorithm and ensure better solution to overcome this problem. We provide M.Tech thesis which is used for future reference for next year students. Our main aid of M.Tech thesis is resource sharing strengthen telecommunication process signals, energy conservation and enhance overall system performance.



M.Tech related thesis in computing environment:

  We support M.Tech students are studying various type of computing environment such as mobile computing, grid computing, peer to peer computing and cloud computing from Elsevier papers. These applications are not provide accurate result due to lack of security, high volume of power consumption and resource scarcity.

The problems are described as below:


  We provide M.Tech thesis with symmetric & asymmetric algorithm for high level secure data storage & transmission. We implement RSA, DES, and AES and triple DES, Homomorphic encryption and diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm.

Resource scarcity:

 We handle major problem in computing environment is resource scarcity. We refer resource as memory, CPU, and network bandwidth which equally distributes resources to all computing user is very teddies process. We overcome resource scarcity by introducing efficient virtual machine migration technique.MTech Thesis In Data Mining

Power consumption:

  We implement computing environment composed of multiple computer to process user request which consume high level power reduce power utility of computing environment by giving energy efficient and power aware mechanism. In our thesis we identify idle power consumption system & cut down power to save energy level.



M.Tech thesis based on mining application:

  We propose data, text and image mining application which is an prominent area in mining application. We ensure fast, accurate information retrieval in big data environment which is an challenging task of data mining researchers. We introduce map reduce framework in data mining to reduce server node workload & increase retrieval process speed. We implemented efficient scheduling algorithm and developed more than 70+ thesis in mining to enhance system performance.

Network related M.Tech thesis:

   We propose network used for communication among computers and networks. We determine wireless network related thesis from research community and using efficient shortest path find algorithm as ant colony optimization, genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization. We use this algorithm to identify & accurate packet transmission path. We compute throughput, delay, packet delivery ratio and comparison graph performance by simulation tool such as QUALNET, NS3, NS2, Opnet and OMNET++ in network related M.Tech thesis.MTech Thesis In Data Mining


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