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Embedded Systems Projects for ece

Embedded Systems Projects for ece is the mixture of computer hardware and software support mechanical part to perform dedicated function. We develop embedded system projects for electronics and communication engineering, electrical and  electronics engineering students to complete their final year projects.

We provide many real time application based project for ECE students we support and guide PhD scholars to develop innovative ideas in embedded system. We implemented all micro controller based application under embedded system environment.

Embedded systems project

Embedded systems project

Embedded Systems Projects for ece Components :

We listed the embedded system components are:


We provide processor as central processing unit and as heart for embedded system. We determine processor as hardware which execute software and bring life to embedded system. We control all circuit activities by processor.


We adopt memory to store software and run processor to store data such as status information, program variables; any other data generated throughput and intermediate result.

Software used in embedded:

We use keil based software for any level program in 8051 controller. To design various real time application based project we adopt real time operating system.

Embedded systems project

Embedded systems project

Application of embedded system:

We developed more than 90+ projects in embedded system under various applications we listed some applications are:

Features of embedded system:

We determined embedded system features are:

Classification of embedded system:

We categorized embedded system as from Elsevier paper

Network information appliances:

We provide embedded system with network interface which accessed by network as local area network or internet called network information appliances. We connect these embedded systems with TCP/IP protocol.

Stand alone embedded system:

In this system, we functions embedded system in stand alone manner. It takes input as electrical signal from transducers or human being command as button  processing, process the input and product output for specific application.

Mobile devices:

We provide mobile devices as personal digital assistants, Smart phones and mobile phones are the main category of embedded system.

Real time embedded system:

By this system we perform some specific work at specific time period called real time system. Under real time embedded system we perform some application based on deadline referred as hard real time system.

Embedded systems projects

Embedded systems projects


List of Projects

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