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Wireless Communication MTech Projects

Wireless Communication MTech Projects is the process of connecting a network device without wired connection. Wireless channels provide connection among wireless network devices. We offer wireless communication M.Tech projects for post graduate students to complete projects in network domain. We develop and support wireless projects based on student’s requirements and choices. We guide all M.Tech students to carry their projects with new innovative ideas. We implement wireless communication academic projects with various simulations in an efficient way. We deploy wireless communication projects which is very helpful for students to do their projects.



Industrial Wireless Communication:

We mention various issues in wireless communication network industry and factory. We improve the performance and reliability in industry by electric field strength and APD measurements based on Elsevier Papers. Electromagnetic inference can affect the wireless communication model. By increase of reliability in industry which enhance the wireless communication model. Inference level is measured with 1880-1890 MHZ level frequencies.

Optical Wireless System:

Today, optical wireless network is a rising network which access network architecture by the combination of wireless mesh network and passive optical networks. By this combination it ensures low cost, high bandwidth access. New technology peer to peer communication are introduced and implemented by us in passive optical network. Throughput is increased by implementing Wi-Fi network in wireless optical network. We developed various efficient methods in more than 90 projects under optical wireless system. We use LP based routing algorithm to identify routing in wireless optical system.

Wireless Communication Control:

We use wireless communication control system in mechanical equipment’s. Various control system such as ground control system, cloth bar button control system, Vehicle control system. We use control for wireless communication transceiver, ups power supply and PLC programmable controllers. We transmit radio signals through PLC Programmable controller in communication   transceiver. We implement automatic cloth car wireless communication system, a latest technology with NS2 simulation tool.



Duplex Wireless System:

We apply duplex wireless system into various techniques such as audio frequency, Network and wireless communication. Following techniques are performed by embedded system. We use RF wireless communication sub system, J2A Audio coding, OLED Manifestation system, alarm sub system, FLASH memory subsystem for wireless communication. We use this application for real world process such as hospital and medical record system.



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