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MTech Network Simulator 2 Projects

MTech Network Simulator 2 Projects is a discrete event simulation tool, which is used to compare various network protocols. We support M.Tech Ns2 projects to improve and facilitate a wireless and satellite network protocols. We implement NS2 simulation tool for accurate visualization of packet flow, Queue details and packet drops based on Springer papers. We provide more than 95+ simulation projects to analyze protocol behaviour such as self clocking, congestion control, fast transmission, Tcp slow start and data packets reception.



We implement NS2 simulation tool in various network and properties are described as follows:

Network Deployment:

  We ensure network deployment, is an advanced technique in networking which provide flexible run time environment for large scale networks. We provide information about switches, LAN controller, pointers, and router configuration. We handle various scenarios in network deployment. They are service node, roles and node type such as policy node, inline posture node, administration node and monitoring node.

Mesh Routers:

  By the implementation of multi hop network it does not maintain predefined path locations. To overcome this problem we implement mesh routers for continuous monitor network activity. We use mesh routers to maintain other device location and address. Fort various critical applications, geographical location we utilize mesh routers in an efficient way. We deploy an NS2 simulator with mesh router for student projects to provide high throughput and scalability. By this process, we can efficiently utilize the network resources and minimize the traffic in networks.

Packet Drop Ratio:

  We accurately calculate the packet drop ratio by number of packets dropped per number of packets send in network simulation tool.

Tolerant Military Networks:

  We implement distributed tolerant network with network simulation tool for secure transmission. We support different security mechanism to produce security policy to user data by Ns2.

Routing Protocols in NS2:

  We determine various routing protocols for academic projects are enhanced by us to perform NS2 simulation and the protocols are given as:

  We implement Ad hoc on demand distance vector routing protocols for mobile communication and mobile ad hoc communication. By using this routing protocol we support various routing methods such as multicast and unicast. By AODV routing algorithm, we can establish route between source and destination and they formed as a tree structure.

  We implement multicast ad hoc on demand distance vector routing to create bidirectional tree from source to destination. Various types of messages are provided by MAODV protocol are route request, route reply, multicast activation, and hello message. For message transmission we can IP and UDP protocol for MAODV message.

  We support DSR routing methods because all nodes are willing to send and receive packets from other nodes. It can be implemented with limited range of ad hoc networks.MTech Network Simulator 2 Projects


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