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Communication Based Projects

Communication Based Projects is required for electronics and communication students mainly. ECE is one of the branches in engineering studies which provide space to learn technology about electronics, electrical, network and communication. We develop final year projects for ECE with the implementation of innovative idea in electronic field. We support ECE students to develop various application based project in an efficient way. We guide and develop final year real time or IEEE based projects for ECE M.E students.



Transducer/sensor application:

We provide transducer as device convert one form into another form of energy. We developed more than 100+ projects with various transducers are:

Strain gauge transducer:

We provide strain gauge transducer which works under piezo resistive effect. We adopt transducer to measure stress and strain. Application of transducers: We deploy transducer in following applications are:

Programming languages in VLSI:

We adopt programming language such as Pascal, C and FORTRAN for computer program which are sequential in nature. We use various languages for digital design system to describe digital circuits. We need hardware description language to design hardware elements and VLSI design application hardware description language such as verilog HDL to simulate large digital circuit with quick response time.



Solar based projects:

We yield solar energy as radiant energy emitted by sun and use photo voltaic cell which transform solar energy into electricity. We apply solar energy in solar irrigation system. Solar street lights and traffic junction signal lighting. We develop solar system based projects for street light and garden applications. We deploy ARM cortex model to develop solar system projects.

Communication based projects:

We implement communication based projects in various technologies are:


We refer GPS as global positioning system to track location of particular digital devices. We develop location based application by GPS system which is a sensor device have sensing capacity to detect exert device location.


We adopt Bluetooth connections which operate at 10m range. We develop Bluetooth project with low cost and provide ease access when compared with other wireless devices.


We defined RFID as radio frequency identification to provide communication among RFID reader and RFID tag. We develop electronics based security projects by RFID technology.


GSM stands for global system for mobile communication used to perform communication based application with wireless mod. By wireless GPS, we transfer information by message service. We adopt GPS to control various devices with electronic functions.

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