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OMNET++ Projects

OMNET++ Projects is a discrete event based parallel distributed solution. Omnet++ ensures various ways to communicate among parallel distributed simulation partition. We offer Omnet++ research papers to develop new concepts with  various network and protocols. We are doing more research work with network and simulation model. We support OMNET ++ simulation tool to ensure research in various network such as VANET, wireless sensor network, communication Network, Open Flow Network, software defined network and wireless Body area Network which gained the concept from Springer papers. We evaluate the various network performance and protocols by OMNET++ simulation tool for academic projects.

Model of OMNET ++ Projects:

We use Omnet++ model which composed of several modules to communicate with message passing. We use active module in Omnet++ as simple module and written in C++ language. We group simple module into compound module based on needs. Entire module in Omnet++ referred as compound module. Messages are transmitted by span module (or) direct connection.

Features of OMNET++ Projects

We adopt the following factors of OMNET++in B.Tech projects are:

OMNET ++ Components:

We use some important component to simulate Omnet++ and are described as follows:

          We use this to describe various module structures with gate parameter. It can write by any text editor and Omnet++ ensure graphical and text editing.

            To define various message types and add data fields. Omnet++ translates message definition into C++ classes.

            It composed of various codes which manage simulation class library written by C++ and compile into shared or static library.

          We use UI to perform debugging, demonstration, simulation batch execution. UI is written in C++ language and compiled into libraries.

Communication Oriented Research on OMNET++ Projects:

We perform communication by transfer message from one node to another node. We support Omnet++ model and testing of wired and wireless communication system. Omnet++ wireless communication ensures an optimum result. We  simulate wireless communication such as wireless mesh network, wireless Ad hoc network and wireless sensor Network by Omnet++. We guide and support researchers to develop thesis in network with OMNET++ Projects simulation.


We use network to connect various computer (or) network devices. We develop network based application with OSI layer. We analyze and simulate network such as local Area network (LAN) Wide area Network (WAN), Body Area Network (BAN) by Omnet++ simulation. We develop network oriented projects with internet protocol version IPV4 and IPV6. Omnet++ ensures an effective result for mobile based network applications. We specially design vehicular Ad hoc  Network in OMNET++ Projects to analyze network traffic.

Application of OMNET++ Projects:

We implemented OMNET ++ in more than 100+ projects to ensure network performance. We listed the OMNET ++ applications are:

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