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MTech Thesis In CSE

MTech Thesis In CSE students do their research in computer science and examine pros and cons of existing methodologies to propose new technique with performance quality. We offer M.Tech thesis in computer science for academic contain brief description of proposed technique what are technologies already published and provide algorithm & mathematic description to followed in proposed method & analyze performance comparison graph among existing & proposed method. We developed more than 90+ thesis with security mechanism, natural language processing, and voice over communication, information retrieval application and artificial intelligence by M.Tech computer science students.



We offer MTech Thesis In CSE :


 We provide network related projects for M.Tech students. We ensure wireless Adhoc network, mobile communication, satellite communication, wireless communication and vehicular Adhoc networks are play a vital role in network domain. We establish efficient routing algorithm to transmit packet from source to destination. The algorithms are DSR, AODV, LEACH and REAR & DSDV. We implement network project from Springer papers to achieve high packet delivery ratio, transmit data with minimum hop count, enhance QOS factor, wireless sensor node energy consumption workload analysis by efficient energy aware scheduling algorithm. We adopt simulation tool to simulate node creation, constant bit rate,packet loss and packet delivery.

Image processing:

 We also implement M.Tech thesis in image processing it involves feature selection, extraction, reduction nose removal, clustering, image lassification & segmentation are performed in image processing projects. We ensure fuzzy means, k-means clustering, support vector machine, Mk- boost algorithm and first order to forth order derivate are implemented in image processing projects.


  We provide various communication such as system communication, fiber optic communication, tele communication, wireless sensor node communication, mobile communication, multimedia communication, satellite communication, voice communication are implemented in M.Tech thesis. Every communication composed of sender, receiver, intermediate nodes, switches, router, gateway, base station & communication medium. We adopt wireless communication to transfer information from one to another location. We determine WI-FI, WI-MAX, ZigBee, Bluetooth & wireless antenna for fast and efficient communication.MTech Thesis In Computer Science

Data mining:

  We implement data mining which is the process of extracting information from large scale data base. We require efficient mining algorithm in data mining application to obtain frequent pattern in big data application. We provide big data & Hadoop based projects in data mining which use user feedback & routing based retrieval information. We implement efficient scheduling algorithm in map reduce project for job scheduling in intermediate worker nodes.MTech Thesis In CSE


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