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MTech NS2 Wireless Communication Projects

MTech NS2 Wireless Communication Projects is the process of transmitting a data between computers via wireless medium (or) channels. Nowadays, emerging technology in network is wireless communication. We offer M.Tech NS2 wireless communication project for final year students. We provide wireless communication projects through various network simulators for M.Tech students. We support and easily handle wireless communication project in a minimum time. We do many M.Tech wireless communication projects for computer science, information technology and electronics discipline students which referred from Springer Papers or other journal papers.



Switching Concepts:

We implemented 110 projects in wireless communication with various switching concepts by us and they are described as follows:-

  To implement wireless communication network, we provide switching. It switches the network among various devices. Every packet in network considered as small data unit and routed through network by destination address. Packet transmission is performed by connectionless service. Most internet application uses connection less network mode to access data.

CDMA and TDMA Technologies:

  To implement digital cellular technology used for spread spectrum techniques. It does not assign a specific frequency and individual conversation are encoded by pseudo random signal CDMA mainly implemented in 3G network to access data Internet among users.

  We implement this technology to deliver wireless service using time division multiplexing. It works on the category of dividing frequency into various time slots. By this method, a frequency enhance multiple and simultaneous data channels. It contains a constant frequency with modifying time slot function.

Handover Process:

  To process every call in network base station we adopt this method to wireless communication projects. During call process base station check the signal level of mobile phone. When mobile phone entered into new area (or) cell, signal strength varies based on that network area. To maintain constant signal level, mobile switching center used which check the signal and intimate status to base station referred as handover process and it maintain network around 400 ms.

3G Networks:

  Efficient data transmission are supported and implemented by us for multimedia applications. It ensure high communication network with UMTS and edge technology services.

  Universal mobile Telecommunication system is implemented to support 3G wideband radio networks and 5MHZ channel for voice and data transmission. It ensures 2 mbps speed.

  Enhanced data rates for global evolution ensure support for radio technology. We support edge with version of GPRS Network systems



MTech NS2 Wireless Communication Projects


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