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MTech OPNET Projects

  MTech OPNET Projects is easy to develop the academic students.Design is enough to built the network concepts ,very less coding in opnet tool. OPNET stands for optimized network engineering tool used to design network components such as node, communication link, communication device and other similar operation. We offer M.Tech projects in opnet with several networks for network research and development. We implement various types of network projects in opnet simulation tool to analyze performance of VOIP, TCP and IPV6 protocols. We support M.Tech opnet projects with PEGASIS, HEAD, LEACH, REAR routing protocol to reduce energy conservation of wireless nodes based on IEEE papers.



MTech OPNET Projects in MANET:

   We implement mobile Adhoc network application and working model is  efficiently simulated by opnet tool for final year projects. We use opnet to design wireless node, various types of MANET communication, permit routing protocol and cellular algorithm to enhance quality of service in MANET. We handle high data lost cost of data transmission; route maintenance, traffic & security are major issues in MANET. We use opnet to solve Manet issues and analyze the performance of DSR, TORA, OSPF, AODV, DSDV and OCSR protocols. We simulate security issues in Manet such as hidden problem, error prone channel, bandwidth constraint, line capacity, energy constraint by opnet tool.

Opnet projects in wireless sensor network:

   We use opnet widely in wireless sensor network for student project to analyze latency, accuracy, energy efficiency, security and fault tolerance scalability and QOS metrics. We determine wireless sensor network with computational complexity and security issues in vehicle monitoring, environmental monitoring, subset monitoring, and intrusion monitoring and building monitoring application. We handle some limitation in WSN to achieve QOS & reliability parameter such as coverage range, processing speed, power and lack of global id. We provide opnet projects with sensor based management protocol to solve all WSN limitation. We combine sensor management provide attribute based naming, data centric routing, user based broadcast service to WSN network. We efficiently simulate monitoring system based on continuous & query based approach with opnet. We handle node failure, link failure and various situations are simulated by opnet projects.

Opnet in mesh network:

  We developed more than 75+ projects in opnet by our team. To enhance performance quality we implement handoff management in wireless mesh network. We provide opnet simulation tool as leading solution to design and model wireless mesh network. Opnet access the formal approach or method of internet based WMN which handle roaming types in handoff signals. We use opnet to simulate WMN network topology model & analyze multilayer handoff signal by opnet debug model.

Opnet in vanet:

  Vanet an important category of MANET specially designed to ensure communication among vehicles. We implement protocol to enhance the vanet performance & satisfy vehicular application needs.




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