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MTech Networking OMNET++ Projects

MTech Networking OMNET++ Projects referred as connecting a various computers to ensure effective data transmission. We developed more than number of application in networking field. We offer M.TECH networking OMNET++ projects developed for M.TECH students to complete their final year projects. We developed network projects related to various wireless networks. Every wireless network has different applications. We provide wireless sensor network (WSN), wireless body area network (WBAN), software defined network (SDN) and wireless mesh network (WMN) based projects for M.TECH students.



Routing with WSN:

   We implement wireless sensor network composed of set of sensor nodes performs data transmission by athering information from physical environment. We solved major issues in WSN are limited battery node resources. We developed cluster based routing protocol in wireless sensor network referred as energy aware mesh routing & it is robust, reliable, energy efficient routing, scalable for wireless sensor network. We carried out routing process in WSN routing protocols are:

Intelligent transportation system:

   We proposed intelligent transportation system with vanet to simulate under OMNET++ simulation from Springer papers. In this system, every vehicle perform role of sender, receiver and router. We ensure communication among vehicles and road side units which arranged with radio interference. We associate radio interference with on board unit which enable short range wireless Adhoc network. To identify the location of vehicle in IT’S we ensure global positioning system and differential global positioning system. We ensure efficient communication with back bone network protocol available for routing in vanet. We verify the performance of ITS system by OMNET++ simulation.

MTech Networking OMNET++ Projects for WBAN:

  We developed wireless body area network an radio frequency based wireless network ensure interconnection for tiny sensor node or actuator. We design wireless body area network a special kind of network which develop for monitoring human body, modify & communicate various vital signs. We ensure central unit in WBN communication among sensor & cellular phones. We assign IP address for each body in wireless body area network.

Security issues in SDN:

  We deploy software defined network which is open flow network architecture. More threats are available in SDN to degrade network performance. We use forged traffic flow to attack network entities like DOS attacks on switches and controllers. Open flow network switch are hijacked to launch attacks on other entities. We provide control plane ommunication in SDN to target DOS attacks & overcome by TTL/SSL implementations.MTech Networking OMNET++ Projects

Wireless mesh network simulation:

  We implement more than 75+ projects in wireless mesh network simulation by our team. It ensures less cost broadband internet access with wireless LAN coverage. We provide network connection in WMN by fixed or mobile host with network operators. Basically WMN composed of wireless mesh routers andclients. We assure wireless infrastructure & function with other network to create multihop internet access service for mesh clients. We simulate wireless mesh network with INET and Castalia framework under OMNET++ simulation.




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