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Natural Language Processing Projects

Natural Language Processing Projects encompasses information about human natural language eferred as computational linguistic human language technology (or) natural language engineering. We offer and support natural language processing projects to analyze and understand human language through machine. We attained various benefits of Natural language processing projects are data base interface, email, text categorization, web search, finance and chat services collected from Springer papers. We adopt natural language to understand spoken word and typed sentence by speech recognition, semantic analysis, Syntactic analysis, and pragmatic analysis. We deployed following process in more than 80 projects to study about natural language processing.



Speech Recognition:

  We implement this phase whereas human speech from microphone or recording devices. First human speech transformed to analog signal. Fourier transforms  then transform into frequency. Dynamic time wrap application is used to compute speech speed and readable words are constructed from phones in speech recognition process.

Limitation of Speech Recognition Process:

We implement speech recognition process for students projects with some limitation are:

Syntactic Analyzation:

To analyze word syntax, we use grammar. It determines sentence structure to check sentence with respect to grammar and produce output as parse tree. Tree structure given as sentence -> Noun and verb Phrase -> proper noun and verb -> determiner.

Limitation in Syntactic Analyzation:

We check and implement following steps are:

Semantic Analysis:

  We implement this process by examining the part of speech and degenerate  meaning of sentence from syntactic process. Grammar and semantic required for proper meaning.

Limitation in semantic analyzation:

We consider the steps are:


  We propose this phase, to use sentence which means where, by, whom, why and which. Pronouns are handled and give syntactic output.

Generation of Human Language:

  We implement this process which is the final step. It provides information as speech format and easily understood by human beings. It converts templates into speech using speech synthesis. It is difficult to express human stress, timing, emotion among words. We performed these steps to carry out M.Tech final year projects for students in an optimistic way.Natural Language Processing Projects

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