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MTech Projects For Computer Science

MTech Projects For Computer Science is the study of computer domains and technologies. We offer M.Tech projects for computer science ensures well defined computer application,  algorithm/techniques to computing environment from IEEE based papers. We support M.Tech students to choose project title from cloud computing, image processing, data mining, big data, text mining, Hadoop and network. We provide M.Tech final year projects with two phases. In first phase, we support student to implement existing algorithm/techniques used in elected paper. In second phase we enhance proposed approach by improving some parameters or implement future concept of proposed papers. We implement computer science projects in various applications area and domains.



Some of them are discussed below:

Artificial intelligence & expert system design:

  We develop artificial intelligence and expert system related projects based on knowledge workers. We handle issues such as knowledge based decision making and knowledge discovery in artificial intelligence. Main aid of artificial intelligence projects is create machine as smart worker by understanding human activities, intelligence, emotion, and perform like human. We provide efficient artificial intelligence projects with heuristic methods to process information.

Broad band communication:

   We define capability of downstream, upstream directions, network range and speed in broad band communication. We determine economic development value added service and on demand service increased in broad band communication, we access broad band communication in academic, government sectors & IT infrastructures for files/document forwarding and cloud storage.

Fault tolerant design of interconnected network:

  We deploy fault tolerant network to execute user application/task with regardless of either hardware or software failures. We require chemical plants, nuclear reactor and aircrafts in fault tolerant application. We design fault tolerance application with redundancy components such as software, hardware, time and information.

Image processing through parallel architecture:

  Parallel processing determine efficient solution for image processing application it contains faster response time, smaller timestamps, more scales, large image processing with high dimensional factors. We adopt fuzzy logic, KNN algorithm and support vector machine for image classification and we use clustering, Gaussian smoothing, KTL feature tracking algorithm and canny edge detection algorithm to process input images.

Mobile computing:

  We developed more than 90+ projects in mobile computing with efficient algorithm for fast & secure data transmission among mobile devices. We enable mobile communication with movable device to find path and maintain rote. We handle this challenge in computer science project by introducing wireless routing algorithm and protocol for efficient data transmission. By this algorithm we achieve high quality service as high throughput, less delay, avoid traffic in routing path and minimum packet loss ratio.



MTech Projects For Computer Science


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