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NLP Projects

NLP Projects referred as Natural Language processing. We develop NLP projects which works based on machine to understand human speech, activity and reply human understandable format. We design NLP academic Projects as human language given as input called natural language and given to computer to analyze human language and transformed to useful representation form. Our main aim to implement NLP projects for students are to obtain valuable information from human speech enabled by computer and to understand what user need it.



Natural Language Forms:

 NLP system takes input and output in form of written text. It follows rules of lexical, syntactic, semantic process to obtain knowledge from input text.

NLP Components:

We support various components in NLP are natural language understanding and natural language generation. Generation is very complex than language understanding resolved by based on Elsevier papers.

Natural Language Understanding: 

In this phase we use computer system to map given input into useful information. We performed various analysis processes in more than 90+ projects to understand natural language. They are semantic analysis, morphological analysis, discourse analysis and syntactic analysis.

Natural Language Generation: 

In this phase we produce output as human readable form from understanding process. Deep plan required for proper sentence preparation.

NLP Process Complication:

Rich text processed and affected by ambiguous. Ambiguous referred as how to denote word meaning and how to map text into templates and it placed in each level of NLP Projects phase. Difficult to understand different word meaning are occurred in lexical phase. How to denote parse and sentence complex happened in syntactic phase.

Knowledge Obtains From NLP Projects:

 We obtain knowledge in NLP projects are:

                    It used to retrieve useful sentence from input text which determine structure for each word. It constructs phrases and sub part sentence.

                    It deals with how words related to human sounds and how to realize them.

                    Join which meaning is suitable for given words. Proper meaning is provided for given sentences.

                   Construct basic meaning unit from human speech referred as morphology.

                   Preceding sentences are examined and affect interpretation of next sentences.

                 Contain basic knowledge about world language. Brief description is provided for each language by human.

Application Areas in NLP:

We implement following application area in M.Tech projects are:

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