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MTech Computer Science Projects

MTech Computer Science Projects projects provide an innovative algorithm to ensure security and scheduling process. We offer M.Tech computer science projects for students to examine the problem in computer technology and implement new idea to overcome it. We adopt matlab, Cloudsim, Omnet++ and many other technology o design and test computer domains. We develop computer science academic projects include data mining, medical imaging, content aware computing and mobile computing. We provide Netbeans IDE and eclipse IDE to create java based M.Tech projects. We use dot net and SQL server to develop computer science project from Springer papers.

Java based M.Tech projects:

We ensure java as an object oriented programming language used in various applications. We develop all distributed computing network projects by java. We implement distributed middleware applications, virtualization in distributed computing, adaptive self organized peer to peer computing grid electronic health record in cloud and more than 75+ projects developed in java language. We adopt Cloudsim, Peersim and gridsim tool which work on the basis of java. We efficiently implement big data and Hadoop based process in java language. We propose data mining tool which permit java to test and analyze data mining algorithms. We handle java for ASTER image, satellite image, digital image and bio medical image. We proposed tongue recognition, finger vein recognition, natural language processing and number plate recognition process by java language.

Dot net based M.Tech projects:

We provide dot net to develop distributed computing and data mining projects. We offer security projects like public auditing, virtual password, and privacy preserving and personalized web search are efficiently implemented in dot net framework. We assure  data management and data integration application with dot net,, C#. We use these domains to ensure load balancing, energy efficient and some issues are solved in dot net projects. We also implement keyword aware recommendation system, gio specific location, viral marketing, image compression and feature learning projects in dot net framework.

OTCL, C++ and python script based projects:

We adopt NS2 with object oriented tool command language to model and simulate various network applications whereas NS3 use python script to design network architectures. We implement delay tolerant network, long term evaluation software defined network, 3G and 4G communication based project use OMNET++ to simulate working process. We need Castalia framework or wireless sensor and wireless body area network. We adopt a special framework called vein in OMNET++ for vanet communication, opnet efficiently handle handover process in mobile & cellular networks.MTech Computer Science Projects




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