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MTech Projects In NS2 Simulation

MTech Projects In NS2 Simulation is our key service for networking , communication students .Ns2 is an open source discrete event simulation framework. Mainly used for research purpose. It is a package of library components to develop NS2  simulation. We offer M.Tech Thesis in NS2 simulation to enhance a network based research projects for M.Tech students. We support all network projects with Ns2 simulation environment. Ns2 provide an extreme use of simulation tool. Large number of possibilities and description are provided for network communication systems using NS2.

Simulation Projects:

Simulation projects are chosen by M.Tech students/scholars to do their academic projects in an efficient manner. Networking, mobile computing, wireless sensor network, wireless mesh network, wireless wide area network concepts are implemented in network simulation framework. Several network simulators are used. NS2 simulation should provide more beneficial concept based output results and generation of graph may be in a simpler way. Steps followed by ns2 simulation projects are node creation, neighbor node information discovery, topology creation and it can be changed dynamically sometimes, apply routing mechanism, find an efficient and effective path and finally, transmit the packets between nodes.

Communication Module in NS2:

To provide simulation node is a basic entity and it defined by OTCL language which composed for three entities as agent, link and classifier based on IEEE reference papers.


We describe agent as end point in network layer simulation. Agent in NS2 describes the destination address. Using agent we can also generate packets and interface to application class. Various agents are described to perform simulation they are given as:


Link establishes a connection among nodes and link generated in network are defined by various parameters such as lifetime, entry point and bandwidth. NS2 simulate promote various links which split unidirectional and bidirectional links.


In classifier, node function defined by packet received, source destination and destination address. Various NS2 performance are measured by object called classifier.

Types of classifier described by us are:

We categorized various classifiers for academic projects are:-

Awk Language Process:

We use AWK which is an interpreted programming language for data extraction and to report tool. It uses data driven based language for various action against textual data.

Tcl Language in NS2:

Tool command language is used by us in NS2 to create rapid prototype, scripted application, graphical user interface. It also embeds in various platforms.

Advantages of Tcl Language:

By the use of Tcl in NS2 we do not require special editors and complex structure coding. It automatically fetches instruction to create topology and task process. It needs only simple structures We deployed NS2 in more than 90+ projects with various network communications in an efficient way by our developer’s team.

MTech Projects In NS2 Simulation



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