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M.Tech OMNET++ Projects

M.Tech OMNET++ Projects is a high level simulation tool to analyze network performance in an efficient way. We offer M.TECH OMNET++ projects related to recent time network application with OMNET++ simulation. Weprovide OMNET++ based projects for M.TECH students with various fields such as communication and networking. We ensure OMNET++ with associated framework to develop wireless and wired network communication based advanced technologies. We ensure support for post graduate to implement their own creative ideas in networking field.

M.Tech OMNET++ Projects:

 We categorize wireless network as:

Infrastructure network:

Infrastructure less network:

FDMA techniques in wireless:

  We implement frequency division multiple access technique I academic projects which divides available bandwidth into multiple frequency channels or bands. we separate frequency band guard frequency which eliminate interference occurred in network.

TDMA technique:

  We refer TDMA as time division multiple access which share available bandwidth in time domain node assign one or more time slots for every frame nodes are transmit data by corresponding slots. we apply TDMA for global system mobile communication.

Adhoc wireless network simulation:

  We refer Adhoc wireless network as unmanaged or peer to peer wireless network. it composed of every device connected to each other. We denote Adhoc network as infrastructure less network which participate every node in routing to forward data to another nodes. We perform wireless Adhoc network simulation by Castalia, INET and MIXIM framework which is associated with OMNET++ simulation.

Service centric networking:

  We assure service centric networking an extension of content centric networking which support various services to operate. We provide description service over content naming scheme. We deploy various services in SCN from ACM papers.

Advantages of SCN:

We provide following metric in SCN are:

Live conferencing & simulation:

 We carried out live conferencing by SCN which uses echo cancellation, mixing process of obtain audio data in audio conference and Trans coding. We evaluate live streaming & conference based application under INET framework.

M.Tech OMNET++ Projects FOR WBAN: 

  We implement wireless body area network with low cost wireless sensor network attain benefit in patient monitoring & working environment  monitoring. We provide WBAN system with more than 85+ projects in various applications. We ensure WBAN in the form of wearable & implantable node operating system. We operate WBAN by interconnection manner & attain advantage of remote health monitoring. We use OMNET++ tool to simulate WBAN in an efficient way.



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