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MTech OMNET++ Project

MTech OMNET++ Project is a discrete event component based modular. OMNET++ provides an open architecture simulation with energetic graphical user interface. We offer M.TECH OMNET++ projects to ensure realistic application project for college students. We guide and support M.TECH students under communication and computer science to develop academic projects in OMNET++ simulation. We ensure OMNET++ as discrete event simulator with various combinations of framework such as SUMO, MiXiM, INET and Castalia. We also develop OMNET++ projects with VANET, SDN, live streaming pee to peer and wireless sensor network based on science direct papers.



SUMO Simulator:

  We use SUMO which is an open source traffic simulation contains net import, demand modeling components. We also use route selection and traffic light  algorithm to simulate vehicular network communication. To create SUMO simulation we have to generate road network with moving vehicles. Road network is composed of nodes and edges. SUMO vehicle contains three parts and are described as follows, Vehicle described their properties such as acceleration, color, deceleration, maximum speed and length.

  In SUMO we create types of network by using NETGENERATE tool. By this tool user no need to create node and edge files. Types of networks described as follows.

Network Simulation with OMNET++:

  We simulate new network model by OMNET++. We design networks such as wireless sensor Network, Wireless Mesh Network application and protocol implemented by OMNET++. We also simulate Adhoc network as MANET and VANET by OMNET++ to ensure an efficient result.

Open Flow Network SDN:

  We implement open flow network which is a category of software defined network. To simply forward table management protocol. Function block of open flow described as Controller – Interacting with network device by APIs and protocols.

Veins Simulator:

  We implement vein to model vehicular network. We provide vein as a combination of SUMO and OMNET++ simulators. We use GUI (Graphical User Interface) and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for interactive simulations.

Characteristics of Veins:

We ensure the following characteristics

Vehicular Adhoc Network:

  We ensure VANET to provide safety applications for roadside unit and road vehicle. We require security to preserve data about drivers. We implemented various security algorithms for VANET in more than 85+ projects and tested by OMNET++ framework.



MTech OMNET++ Project


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