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Rapid Miner projects

Rapid Miner projects is a platform for software environment to learn and experiment data mining and machine learning. We offer rapid miner final year projects to ensure optimum service for research and real world data mining process. We write rapid miner projects by java to discover knowledge and to construct operator tree. We use rapid miner to denote standardize interchange format of data mining process. We developed 90 rapid miner projects with full integrated environment for data mining, business intelligent, machine learning and predictive analytics applications. We provide rapid miner tool for data analysis to ensure code integration.



Rapid Miner projects:

We use rapid miner which contains GUI, to interconnect user requested operation with processing operations and implemented in B.Tech projects. It ensures a direct output with rapid miner environment. It composed of java API to integrate data mining environment (or) business intelligent code to java processing code.

Benefits of Rapid Miner Tool:

 We adopts following benefits from Science Direct reference papers are:

Rapid Miner Versions:

We support two types of rapid miner version based on students interest they are community and enterprise, community version is an open source version. Enterprise is an advance feature of community and it also contains services and provides guarantees.

Properties in Rapid Miner:

 We promote following properties in our project are:



Application Area in Rapid Miner:

 We implement following application in rapid miner are

Steps Involved In Rapid Miner Tool:

 We follow these steps in Rapid miner tool are:

            It selects ARFF File format (or) other supported file format data set as input.

            Based on user need it select function such as classification, feature selection and other function enhanced by rapid miner environment.

          Execute a given input data set with user defined function and provide output in rapid miner environment.

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