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Optisystem projects is an innovative optical communication system simulation package to design, test and optimize virtually any type of optical link in physical layer of broad spectrum of optical networks. We ensure optisystem academic project an system level simulator based on realistic model of fiber optic communication system, we offer optical communication system projects involves optimize a large parameter as transmitter, optical fiber, receiver, amplifier, optical multiplexers, optical demultiplexers, optical cross connects, optical and drop multiplexers. We provide optisystem projects which is easily extended with addition of user components and seamlessly interfaced with wide range of tools.



ROF in Optisystem:

We developed more than 80 projects in optisystem by ROF:

Radio over fiber an efficient technology that ensure effective convergence of optical and wireless access network system by this technology we modulate light by radio signal & transmit over optical fiber link to facilitate wireless access. We use single mode fiber optic (SMF) by different wavelength of laser light to increase demand for bandwidth.

ROF technology:

We provide this technology which a microwave signals are distributed by means of optical components & techniques. It includes central site and remote site connected to optical fiber link or network.

Architecture of ROF:

We implemented this ROF architecture from science direct paper. We use radio access point for radio over fiber system to predict RAP ranges for application using optisystem software are:

Benefits of ROF technology:

 We attain the benefits of ROF technology & adopted in student project are:



Features in optisystem:

We listed the features of optisystem are:

MLSE (maximum likelihood sequence estimate):

S- Parameter extractor:

Free space optics (FSO):

Bi directional AWG:

Advanced analysis toolsets:

Microwave components:

Constellation & polar diagrams:

Optical fibers and amplifiers:

Application of optisystem:

 We implemented following application of optisystem for M.Tech students they are:




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