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Data model for Big Data in cloud environment

Data model for Big Data in cloud environment As the enormous amount of data is generated with a high speed a new era of data processing age has started `The Big Data Processing’. Big Data deals with the data that have high Volume, high Velocity, high Variety and high Veracity also known as 4V’s of Big Data. Managing Big data with the traditions systems are not possible due to the 4V’s property of Big Data, so a system is required that could manage Big Data economically and efficiently. Cloud Computing is emerging as a major breakthrough in information technology that provide economical solution for the clients on pay-as-you-use basis. So using services of the cloud for managing Big Data could provide an effective and economic solution. In this paper we have proposed a framework that could manage Big Data in cloud environment and providing a schema for Big Data so that an end user could easily query on the system without having some extra programming skills.

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