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Wireless information security improvement with chaotic high order modulation

Wireless information security improvement with chaotic high order modulation Chaos communication system has characteristics such as sensitive initial conditions, non-periodic, wide-band, non-predictability and easy implementation. Also, security of chaos system is superior to digital communication systems, but BER(Bit Error Rate) performance is evaluated badly. So, study in order to improve the BER performance is important. At conventional studies, we proposed a novel chaos transceiver. BER performance of proposed chaos transceiver is able to be improved than CDSK(Correlation Delay Shift Keying) system, because self-interference signals are too small. Chaos communication system has many symbols, because it is used the spread spectrum technique. By this reason, study in order to have the good data rate is required. Information bits of CDSK system are modulated as −1 and 1 on the basis of BPSK system. However, instead of BPSK system, if high level modulation systems such as QPSK and 16QAM system are applied to chaos system, manyinformation bits are possible to be transmitted using one symbol. In this paper, we evaluated the SER(Symbol Error Rate) performance of QPSK and 16QAM modulated a novel chaos transceiver. Also, we evaluate the anti-jamming characteristic that is one of advantages of chaos communication system.

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