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NFC based profiling of smart home lighting system

NFC based profiling of smart home lighting system The smart lighting control in the new commercial studios and smart homes not only provides the user with better control but also enhances the aesthetic value of the place. This control is achieved by profiling and controlling the lights by using user defined lighting conditions. One possible and a neat way is by using NFC Tags loaded with the user profile details and also the intensity or color details and interface it with the control board that adjust the intensity and color by a simple pulse width modulation and using RGB led matrix panels as lighting elements. The PWM technique varies the light intensity as per the width of the triggering pulse and the desired color profile can be obtained by combining three main colors that is red, green and blue in different proportions. The paper presents an approach to the profiling and control done using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which is based on short range radio communication. Since most of the new smart phones are also coming with NFC chip enabled thus the profiling can be made mobile and even more personalized. The paper uses a NFC reader on base control board to read a profile from a rewritable tag. So when a Tag is tapped with the base board, the information from the NFC tag is read and sent to microcontroller where the particular light profile is selected from a user defined list of light profiles.

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