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Comparison of security algorithms in cloud computing

Comparison of security algorithms in cloud computing The need for simple security mechanisms for cloud computing systems that are being used by non-technical users is increasing in importance as cloud systems are becoming more widely accepted by these users. With cloud computing, data is stored on and delivered across the Internet infrastructure. The owner of the data has no knowledge of the where this data exists on the network nor geographically. The owner, therefore, does not have control or even know where their data is being stored. Additionally, in a multi-tenant environment, it may be very difficult for a cloud service provider to provide the level of isolation and associated guarantees that are possible with an environment dedicated to a single customer. Unfortunately, to develop a security algorithm that outlines and maps out the enforcement of a security policy and procedure can be a daunting task. A good security algorithm presents a strategy to counter the vulnerabilities in a Cloud system. This paper introduces a new security mechanism that will enforce cloud computing services against breaches and intrusions. Existing techniques for securing servers used for cloud computing and storage of data will be surveyed. In addition to these techniques, a newly developed technique for security in cloud-based servers (MIST) will be described in detail. Due to the relevance of cloud systems in gathering sensitive information in aerospace platforms, the techniques will also need to prevent common attacks through weak password recovery, retrieval, authentication and hardening systems, otherwise hackers will be able to compromise even the protected systems. In the case of security breaches, it would be advantageous to include the capabilities of the MIST algorithm (Alkadi). The MIST algorithm is named after the condensation from clouds that forms a layer before entering the cloud.

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