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A novel DSP based non inverting buck-boost converter for PV system

A novel DSP based non inverting buck-boost converter for PV system In conventional buck-boost converters, the output voltage is inverted. Hardware circuitry or microcontrollers are used to trigger a switch in the converter. In the proposed study, a non inverting buck-boost converter is implemented for PV system. The Pulse width modulation (PWM) signals for two MOSFETS in the converter are generated by DSP TMS 320 2808. Depending on the solar panel input, buck-boost converter charges the battery. The DC loads are driven from the battery. The load voltage and load current are sensed and compared with the reference voltage. Hardware circuitry ormicrocontroller is less accurate and using these systems the solar energy cannot be efficiently converted into electrical energy. In industry and commercial applications Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is used for automation. The same DSP can be used to generate PWM signals so as to get maximum electrical energy from solar energy. The DSP is more accurate and this works in real-time scenarios. The efficient utilization of resources such as DSP is achieved in the proposed study as the same DSP is used for generating PWM signal. In the proposed study, PWM signals are generated from DSP depending on load voltage and load current. The proposed work is better as compared to existing systems in terms of line and load regulation, efficiency, accuracy and speed as validated by experimental results.

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