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EMC: Emotion-aware mobile cloud computing in 5G

EMC: Emotion-aware mobile cloud computing in 5G With the development of 5G, the wireless world will be interconnected without barriers. This new technology will enable many challenging applications, and more personalized and interactive services are expected to be available with resource-limited mobile terminals. Fortunately, mobile cloud computing(MCC) emerging in the context of 5G has the potential to overcome this bottleneck, which enables many resource-intensive services for mobile users with the support of mobile big data delivery andcloud-assisted computing. In this article we propose a novel framework named EMC in the context of 5G, which offers personalized emotion-aware services by MCC and affective computing. With the proposed framework, the traditional MCC architecture is modified to achieve the required Quality of Experience in emotion-aware applications. Furthermore, we design a partitioning solution corresponding to the fundamental trade-off between the communication and computation in EMC. The framework would be helpful to provide personalized, human-centric, intelligent emotion-aware services in 5G.

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