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Distributed trust protocol for IaaS Cloud Computing

Distributed trust protocol for IaaS Cloud Computing Due to economic benefits of cloud computing, consumers have rushed to adopt Cloud Computing. Apart from rushing into cloud, security concerns are also raised. These security concerns cause trust issue in adopting cloud computing. Enterprises adopting cloud, will have no more control over data, application and other computing resources that are outsourced from cloud computing provider. In this paper we propose a novel technique that will not leave consumer alone in cloud environment. Firstly we present theoretical analysis of selected state of the art technique and identified issues in IaaS cloudcomputing. Secondly we propose Distributed Trust Protocol for IaaS Cloud Computing in order to mitigate trust issue between cloud consumer and provider. Our protocol is distributed in nature that lets the consumer to check the integrity of cloud computing platform that is in the premises of provider’s environment. We follow the rule of security duty separation between the premises of consumer and provider and let the consumer be the actual owner of the platform. In our protocol, user VM hosted at IaaS Cloud Computing uses Trusted Boot process by following specification of Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and by utilizing Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Chip of the consumer. The protocol is for the Infrastructure as a Service IaaS i.e. lowest service delivery model of cloud computing.

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