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Software Defined Networking demands on software technologies

Software Defined Networking demands on software technologies Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a networking approach based on a centralized control plane architecture with standardised interfaces between control and data planes. SDN enables fast configuration and reconfiguration of the network to enhance resource utilization and service performances. This new approach enables a more dynamic and flexible network, which may adapt to user needs and application requirements. To this end, systemized solutions must be implemented innetwork software, aiming to provide secure network services that meet the required service performance levels. In this paper, we review this new approach to networking from an architectural point of view, and identify and discuss some critical quality issues that require new developments insoftware technologies. These issues we discuss along with use case scenarios. Here in this paper we aim to identify challenges for further evolution of software technologies in addressing problems ofnetwork evolution. Our view is based on the need for strong integration of network and softwaretechnologies, and therefore we establish the main focus of the paper on discussing SDN demands onsoftware technologies. The main contribution is in categorization of open research problems and presenting ideas and opening new opportunities for future research.

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