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Adaptive Massive Access Management for QoS Guarantees in M2M Communications

Adaptive Massive Access Management for QoS Guarantees in M2M Communications Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications have many applications, such as in smart grid, health monitoring/alerting, and intelligent transportation. Due to unique characteristics that are different from the traditional human-to-human communications, numerous design challenges have to be tackled inM2M. A critical issue is that of dealing with the massive access of machine-type communication (MTC) devices while guaranteeing the desired quality of service (QoS). In this paper, we group MTC devices into clusters based on their QoS requirement. By utilizing the time-controlled M2M feature, we formulate the problem of massive access with QoS guarantee as a queuing problem. We derive an overflow probability estimation model by applying a large deviation principle and then propose an online-measurement-based adaptive massive access management for deciding the amount of resources allocated for each cluster. The proposed method bases the decision on the observed traffic workload with no prior knowledge of its statistics. We conduct the simulations in multicluster scenarios with distinct maximum tolerable delay and corresponding acceptable probability in a long-term evolution system. The simulation results show the adaptability of the proposed massive access management regime to the variations in the traffic workload; thus, it is capable of accommodating dynamic propagation conditions and unknown traffic characteristics, particularly in burst-by-burstcommunications.

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