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High-speed device of measurement parameters of electropower objects

High-speed device of measurement parameters of electropower objects The article describes the basic principles for developing devices that control the parameters electropower objects with large capacitance to the ground. The controlled parameters are insulation resistance and capacitance relative to the ground of the object. If the monitored object has large capacity relative to the ground then it is difficult provide high-speed of insulation resistance measurement. In addition, much attention is given to the influence of the current absorption on the measurement process. This current may flow for a long time and thus prevent rapid measurement. It is spoken in detail the functional diagram of the device, one feature of which is the presence of two current sources that provide ability to measure when the monitoring object is energized, and the algorithm of themicrocontroller. This algorithm provides operation device for small and large capacities electropower objects. It is specially noted to improving performance high-speed of the device if current absorption of controlled object is large. To accomplish this are invited to use the extrapolation, i.e. calculate estimate (prediction) of steady-state value of current by the three measured current at certain times without waiting for the completion of the transient of current absorption decrease. The article shows that for the implementation of extrapolation necessary to use the mathematical model of the current absorption as a power function, and was derived the formula that is used for calculating estimates (prediction) of established value of current.

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