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A New Hybrid Virtual Machine Scheduling Scheme for Public Cloud

A New Hybrid Virtual Machine Scheduling Scheme for Public Cloud Cloud computing is a distributed system that provides on demand services that are realizes with minimal efforts. Scheduling is one of the important issue in cloud computing. Scheduling is a set of polices to control the order of work performed by the computer system. The main drawback of First come first serve is that its response time and turnaround time is slow. The complexity of algorithm increased by reallocation of virtual machines. Time and energy are two important issues while selecting a scheduling strategy. Proposed new hybrid virtual machine scheduling is one of the concepts which improve the performance by using virtual machines and priority based scheduling algorithm. It also includes the mapping and priority of the jobs. This scheduling method takes the advantages of generalized priority scheduling, FCFS and Round Robin. It reduces the execution time as well as the energy. This scheduling algorithm make group of the jobs according to the energy consumption of the jobs as a high priority and low priority jobs. The proposed work will be compared with generalized priority algorithm to show the improved performance in terms of time and energy.

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