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TTEthernet SW-based end system for AUTOSAR

TTEthernet SW-based end system for AUTOSAR The requirements, functionality, and consequently also the complexity of software used in the automotive industry has continuously been increasing over the last decades. To cope with this development, main car manufacturing companies and automotive suppliers established the AUTOSAR partnership back in 2003. Its main objective is to reduce development costs and to enhance cooperation between different companies by creating standards and specifications for automotive software applications. With the increasing number of ECUs and vision-based advanced driver assistance systems higher communication speeds than provided by nowadays state-of-the-art bussystems like CAN and FlexRay are desired. The tremendous success story of standard Ethernet has led to various enhancements for different industries to make its benefits also available for safety-critical and real-time applications. One of these enhancements is TTEthernet. In this paper we demonstrate and evaluate the integration of TTEthernet in AUTOSAR. We suggest how the AUTOSAR Ethernet stack can be partitioned to support mixed-criticality traffic and how different traffic types can be integrated on a single physical interface. Furthermore, we give an efficient implementation of the TTEthernet clock synchronization algorithm by utilizing state-of-the-art Ethernet hardware controller features. Finally, the TTEthernet implementation is compared to a standard Ethernet implementation as specified by AUTOSAR, with respect to computational and memory overhead.

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