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Programmable Networks—From Software-Defined Radio to Software-Defined Networking

Programmable Networks—From Software-Defined Radio to Software-Defined Networking Current implementations of Internet systems are very hard to be upgraded. The ossification of existing standards restricts the development of more advanced communication systems. New research initiatives, such as virtualization, software-defined radios, and software-defined networks, allow more flexibility for networks. However, until now, those initiatives have been developed individually. We advocate that the convergence of these overlying and complementary technologies can expand the amount of programmability on the network and support different innovative applications. Hence, this paper surveys the most recent research initiatives on programmable networks. We characterize programmable networks, where programmable devices execute specific code, and the network is separated into three planes: data, control, and management planes. We discuss the modern programmable network architectures, emphasizing their research issues, and, when possible, highlight their practical implementations. We survey the wireless and wired elements on the programmable data plane. Next, on the programmable control plane, we survey the divisor and controller elements. We conclude with final considerations, open issues and future challenges.

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