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Integrating robotics education in pre-college engineering program

Integrating robotics education in pre-college engineering program In 2014, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology has developed a five-week pre-engineering intensive summer program. The program provided high school students with hands-on experience in the Robotics and Mechanics to advance them in the pursuit of a degree in engineering. Correspondingly, the program also enhanced students’ technical writing skills and the fundamental knowledge of mathematics and physics needed in engineering. Different from other pre-college engineering programs which focus more on mathematics and physics education, in this program, engineering and engineering project design and implementation have been intensively discussed through building and programming a mobile robot. High school students were encouraged to creatively develop their own project in a team while the collaborative learning and effective communication skill are particularly addressed. The student survey showed that the intensive summer program has increased students’ comprehension of engineering and awareness towards engineering-related careers, which are critical for high school students to choose engineering as a future career.

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