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Shared resource clustering for load balancing and availability in cloud

Shared resource clustering for load balancing and availability in cloud Cloud computing provide various computing resources as services over internet. These computing resources can be demanded and configure on real time. Cloud Service providers are always looking for upgrading functionality and quality of various services offered by them. Data centers are used to build cloud with large and distributed infrastructure, and to improve its functionality factors like load balancing, availability, scalability and elasticity are highly responsible. Thus these factors are always consider for the enlargement of cloud architecture. Proposed research work is brief discussion on clustering shared resources in cloud and its implementation. Resources in cloud plays vital role due to it’s distribute and service oriented architecture. Proper placements and configuring these resources leads to more stable cloud architecture. As Cloud architecture comes with verity of shared resources, clustering these shared resources lead to performance improvement with better utilization and providing quality services to end users. Implementation in paper is based on cloud based simulation which impartially explained the proposed concept and helped to clarify its functionality. Thus paper in brief discussed about clustering and its importance in service oriented cloud architecture.

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