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Intelligent parking system using vehicular data cloud services

Intelligent parking system using vehicular data cloud services The advances in cloud computing have provided a promising opportunity to further address the increasing transportation issues, such as heavy traffic, congestion, and vehicle safety. Since few years researchers have proposed some models that use cloud computing for implementing intelligent transportation systems (ITSs). For example, a new vehicular cloud architecture called ITS-Cloud was proposed to improve vehicle-to-vehicle communication and road safety .A cloud-based urban traffic control system was proposed to optimize traffic control. Based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), this system uses a number of software services (SaaS), including services for intersection control, area management, cloud service discovery, and sensor, in order to perform different tasks. These services also communicate with each other to exchange information and provide a solid basis for building a collaborative traffic control and processing system in a distributed cloud environment. As upcoming technology caused by quick advances in modern wireless telecommunication, these services has received attention and is expected to bring benefits to numerous application areas including health care, manufacturing, and transportation.

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