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Programming Abstractions for Software-Defined Wireless Networks

Programming Abstractions for Software-Defined Wireless Networks Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has received, in the last years, significant interest from the academic and the industrial communities alike. The decoupled control and data planes found in an SDN allows for logically centralized intelligence in the control plane and generalized network hardware in the data plane. Although the current SDN ecosystem provides a rich support for wired packet-switchednetworks, the same cannot be said for wireless networks where specific radio data-plane abstractions, controllers, and programming primitives are still yet to be established. In this work, we present a set of programming abstractions modeling the fundamental aspects of a wireless network, namely state management, resource provisioning, network monitoring, and network reconfiguration. The proposed abstractions hide away the implementation details of the underlying wireless technology providing programmers with expressive tools to control the state of the network. We also present a Software-Defined Radio Access Network Controller for Enterprise WLANs and a Python–based SoftwareDevelopment Kit implementing the proposed abstractions. Finally, we experimentally evaluate the usefulness, efficiency and flexibility of the platform over a real 802.11-based WLAN.

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