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E-maintenance for photovoltaic power system in Algeria

E-maintenance for photovoltaic power system in Algeria The use of renewable energy is growing significantly around the world. In front of the growing demand for electricity principally for the remote and isolated areas, photovoltaic systems, especially water pumping systems, begin to find great applications. Unfortunately, these systems have faced a number of problems even nowadays: a problem of maintenance and repair. Augmented Reality (short: AR) seems to be a powerful promising technology that can answer to the problem related to the maintenance of photovoltaic pumping systems The introduction of e-maintenance can reduce cost and provide fast and easy access to relevant information for the worker by freeing distance constraints. In this paper, a distributed e-maintenance platform based on AR benefits for photovoltaic pumping system is proposed. The distributed aspect of this system will allow the remote collaboration between a remote expert and a worker. Two main aspects are studied and developed. The first aspect addresses a new collaboration strategy based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The second aspect ensures the virtual objects transfer from the remote expert in real time. Experimental results are conducted in a first time in a mini solar station to show the feasibility of the approach.

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